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    New Book on B&N

      So far, I've been happy with B&N. My book is being offered in paperback and Nook. Reviews from my friends appeared almost immediately but these same reviews never appeared on Amazon. Amazon refused to tell me why my 3 reviews were rejected. Amazon shows 0 sales in books when I know that a few people had already purchased it. I'm happy that I didn't chose Kindle Select.

      Susanne Leist

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          If the persons who wrote the reviews didn't buy the book at Amazon that may have been the reason. There have been some review scams revealed lately and Amazon has cracked down quite a bit on the whole review process. I lost several reviews myself, because another author and I have been trading books for a while now, and we have been writing reviews for each other after finishing the books. Like you see publishing companies do. But apparently authors aren't supposed to do that anymore on Amazon.