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    No Unit Sales in 8 Days

      Have I really not had a single unit sale in 8 days? Not likely.  


      Yeah, you guessed it, the stopped sales began happening yet again, after the last glitch was fixed. It is my very strong suspicion that there are certain accounts affected after these events, while others are not. I also saw several days of sales skip the "Today's" and "Yesterday's" and "Recent Sales" categories and get socked directly into the "Units Sold This Month Category". I personally don't need the pre-total categories at all but it is strange that signs are saying that there's a big turnover of over-dutied staff at Nook Press or a staff who is spread too thin. The "tech glitch" explanation doesn't fly this many times over, unless the glitch is due to a shortage of staff who can't prevent them.


      I too am beginning to consider other options (the overworked staff are thinking "hooray - we may get rid of another one", as they read this post).


      In the very early 2000s, I wrote for content websites. Over time, these began to fiddle with contract writer's commissions/revenues. I have to be careful but I could name 3 of them that went completely down because of it. I know people who were previously on the staff of some of these and it was all a matter of them "reaping what they sowed" (a process as a believer in God, that I absolutely believe in).


      What is my next step? I will now begin to pray fervently for Nook Press - Barnes & Noble because they may be as honest as the day is long and as honorable as a business can be. I say this with absolute sincerity - I will be praying for this company and also listening for any promptings for what I should do on my part, in regard to my ebook placements. Like everyone else, I'm guilty of selfishness lots of times but I will never knowingly be dishonest to anyone - to their hurt or cheat them purposefully in any way. This could very well be true of Nook Press as well.


      I stopped posting here, back when this forum was still "Pubit!". I wonder now if I should have returned to it, when it changed to Nook Press. Regardless, this is my final post, so forgive me for not responding to any comments that might be added.


      Best Wishes to Everyone.  



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          I tend to assume that days of no sales are just my problem - then I read these posts. So yeah, I too have had perhaps one sale in five days. It does seem very unlikely to drop so quickly. One complaint I've had is B&N's lack of updates on "people who have read this - read . . ." It CAN'T be the same twelve books for months! So I wrote the following to B& N: 


          How often does B&N update "Customers who bought this book also bought." I know that people who bought my book, Murder Begets Murder have also bought my second book, Deadly Favors yet Deadly Favors is not showing up in the link. 


          Here is their response:


          We're sorry but the information you request is not available.


          Best wishes,
          The NOOK Press Business Team


          Oh my - we're on our own.