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    formatting messed up in nook for PC reader

      I just uploaded revised versions of two related novels to nookpresscom. When I preview the books on the preview reader on the nook press website they look fine. But the epub files I download from nookpress.com are messed up when viewed on my computer with nook for PC.


      How can I know if the files the customers purchase are going to be ok?


      1. cover image looks choppy in nook for PC
      2. chapter ten link in TOC is broken, not a hyperlink
      3. some linked words in the novel that are linked to their entry in the glossary at the end of the book are messed up. Instead of the one word being highlighted the whole sentence is.
      4. The entire glossary is highlighted-underlined but clicking on what look like hypertext doesn't go anywhere.

      I viewed one of the files in Sigil and it showed the chapter ten TOC link broken but it doesn't show the other two issues 3 and 4.



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          My formatting was also totally messed up.

          *AFTER* I published 3 short stories (they looked perfect), a friend bought one and the formatting is completely screwed up. Words outside the margin that she couldn't read, even if she made the font the smallest size possible. I went back to the short stories that I published, and re-reviewed the manuscripts (for the thousandth time) on my Mac Nook and I not only saw words outside the margin, but WORDS ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. Unbelievable!  Later I went back to check - went through the same process, and once again, everything looks completely normal. What the heck!?