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    Leaving Barnes & Nobles

      As of today I pulled half of my catalog off of Barnes & Nobles, and am now going through Smashwords.

      Why? Because I have little to no faith in Barnes & Nobles anymore (Sadly). I have decided to see if maybe Smashwords, due to their larger size, and ability to hire lawyers, might be able to get better performance when it comes to the reporting of numbers.


      If my numbers for the next 6 months stay the same, I'll then believe that it was the market that changed and it was only coincidence that it happened at the same time as the launch of the new nook press accounting system.


      If my numbers do change (as in improve) then I will take the rest of my catalog there and cease doing business directly with B&N. It is going to suck getting paid quarterly instead of monthly, but there have been so -many- problems with sales reporting here that I've really lost faith. Which is extremely sad because I sell more books here than anyplace else - my target demographic for two of my pen names buys nooks, not kindles.


      I just hope B&N manages to stay in the game, they have made me a nice piece of change and I would like to keep making it.