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      • Re: New CEO says: B&N will continue making Nooks

        I read through the reader comments at the bottom, and it was very interesting. A lot of people seemed to be saying that they like the device, but not the system running on it. They would immediately download a different one.


        I hope the design team reads the comments and/or starts asking cunosumers, and small/indie publishers for that matter, what they really want rather than trying to guess what is important. A couple of comments also said how difficult it was to locate books in the B&N online store. Hm, maybe that's why sales are down.


        I find it interesting to note that B&N is reporting that ebook sales are down 20 - 25%. Many of us have noticed that as well. Hopefully B&N will figure out what the customers want and start giving it to them so sales go back up.