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    Here is my sales numbers conundrum ...

      My sales were pretty good until the advent of Nook Press. On the very day of Nook Press going live, my sales began to drop, lower and lower each month. It happens. It's summer. Maybe I just hit a rough cycle. I realize those things, and that it could just be bad luck on my part despite others on this board also pointing out their own drop in sales since Nook Press came along.


      I'm generally not one who panics, nor am I believer in conspiracy theories, but ...


      You knew there'd be a but, right?


      But, remember a week to 10 days ago when Nook Press had its glitch with our sales numbers? Well, guess what? My sales picked up again, and they were headed back to nearly the level of before Nook Press came along. I kept track of those sales, and Nook Press has indeed accounted for all of them, so that's not the issue.


      The issue is that now that Nook Press has fixed its glitch, my sales have stopped again.


      This makes me wonder one of two things:


      1.) That I've been making sales all along and Nook Press has not been keeping track of them, or ...


      2.) That whatever caused the glitch for Nook Press had something to do with the visibility of e-books at BN.


      Either way, I'm not really happy about it. No, I'm not screaming mad, but something is starting to smell fishy.


      Maybe it's all just bad timing. Maybe I'm reading too much into things. But all of this just seems far too coincidental to me.


      Anyone else have anything like this happen to them of late?