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    Yes, Sales Are Still Disappearing

      Yes, sales are in fact disappearing. The Admin has replied to several of you, saying the issue is being fixed and they also assured us they will post an update here on the forum, once the gremlin is captured and disabled.


      I'm simply sitting tight to see how this plays out. I have a bit of a sinking feeling about it because sometime ago, I saw a small number of sales that dropped out of site and never reappeared. To this very day, I do not believe Pubit/Nook has ever skimmed any sales in their favor, purposefully -- I rather believe that self-publishing authors are very low priority and they will not go to great lengths, to recover missed sales for us.


      I worked for several large companies in the past and when a mistake is made in the company's favor, the priority to fix it is at the bottom of the totum pole but if a mistake is against company favor, they will jump on it to get it corrected, like a hungry dog jumps on a t-bone steak.


      In some ways, I believe Publt/Nook pays self-publishers, what they believe they are worth. As time continues on, we may all change our minds about Nook -- for the positive. That's a big leap of a hope but I do hope for that!....I reallly, really, really do!!! 

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          As the oher threads are reporting, sales through Aug 15th have been caught up. Problems happen...they just do and nothing can run perfectly all of the time but I implore Nook Press, to please increase their stance of priority in regard to we indie publishers. I absolutely guarantee you that many of us have every bit as much to offer in our written works, as the authors with big company publishers behind them. Do those publishers merit more priority? Yes, in all honesty I believe they do but indies should not be at the bottom of the barrel (only the low-class ones, who knowingly publish written works that are trash, deserve that spot).


          As I've stated in the past, many times, I have ALWAYS appreciated the FREE opportunity to publish eBooks on Barnes & Noble, via Nook Press (previously Pubit!) but reassurance that my sales are treated as respectfully as are the big company published ones, would mean the world to me.


          Thank you.