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    Formatting problem in Nook books only?

      Hi! I'm new here--hope you don't me jumping right in! 


      I have published a book, both epub and mobi. Everything looks great in ADE, the .mobi on my Kindle and the .epub in the Kindle Previewer.


      BUT, on a Nook (and I'm assuming a Sony or Kobo reader since they also use RM--I just don't have one of those), there are spaces between the paragraphs that shouldn't be there. 


      It's got to be something in my code, but I can't see it. Here's what I've got as my paragraph style:




      text-indent: 1.5em;

      line-height: 1.3em;



      Is it the line-height that's the problem? Is Nook overriding my code altogether? And if so, any ideas how I can fix it?


      I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere--I thought I found a thread on it, then my computer crashed and I couldn't find it again. :smileytongue:


      Thanks for any help!

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          Why specify line height at all? Take those lines out. For that matter, don't specify font, beyond "serif" and "sans-serif."

          The hardest mental shift when configuring an ebook (after laying out a printed book) is letting go of specifying how the text will look, and letting the ereader (and the human reader) decide how the text will look. In my ebook HTML, I specify only font sizes, and some people here would argue about even that.

          My guess is that Nook is giving the text a line height of 1.0em within the paragraph, and a 1.3em line height between paragraphs, hence the white gap. Deleting the line-height specification from your paragraph style would, I think, fix that.