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    Review Stars Wiped On Published Book After Switching to NookPress

      Hey Everyone,


      Looked through the past threads and didn't see that anyone had posted about this issue yet. I've had a book published on here for over a year, and it's pick up 12 reviews over time. Just hte other day, I decided to update my key words and had to switch over to NookPress to do so.


      That went over without a hitch. I updated the key words and psoted the changes. But when I checked the book, I found out it wiped the stars. It's showing as completely unrated, and even as that, "Be the first one to review this book!" message, but if you scroll all the ways down to the review section, the 12 reviews are still there in their entirety.


      It kinda sucks though, cause when people are browsing the store, it looks like no one's ever reviewed it cause none of the stars are showing. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on how to fix it? I was hoping it would work itself out, but so far, no luck. I emailed customer support and received a form letter that someone, somewhere would be notified, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.


      Thanks for any suggestions you all might have.