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    B&N still accepting new titles?

      I have tried for 2 days to submit my book for sale and I get the standard technical difficulties message, check back again. Using support, no one is replying. Is B&N Nook still accepting books? How long should I expect to wait for any answer as to when the technical difficultes will end?

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          I have not been able to upload my newest book either and support is NO help. What a joke. Why even have a new chat support feature if they won't help us? I am extremely disappointed in Nook Press.

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            I keep hitting publish tab and it appears to start publish process, but then nothing happens. Wen I return to site, status of book appears to be waiting for me to start "publish" process again. In the old PubIt you could see the status of the publish process - not so here.

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              This is so frustrating! Now we can't upload new books, and our sales keep dropping more and more!

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                Still can't publish new book. Considering deleting file and starting over - but worry that would be a waste of time. Hoped Nook book would be live on Monday along with the Kindle and paperback editions. Will have to announce to readers that Nook version isn't going to be available any time soon, if ever.

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                  Been having the exact same issue since Thursday. I've tried it both in Nook Press and Pub It. Nook Press just continues to cycle back to the "Publish" button and never processes it. Pub It just throws technical errors at me.


                  I spoke with a chat representative on Friday and he said he couldn't help me and then disconnected the chat after saying he would forward my info on. Unfortunately, I have not heard a single thing back.


                  My book was supposed to go live on Sartuday, along with the Kindle version and other versions but, unfortunately, it is still not available on BN.


                  Having been a manager of customer experience for over 13 years, I'm shocked that they have no one monitoring these boards over the holiday weekend. This is one of the biggest book shopping weekends of the year. I'm starting to rethink KDP Select.