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    Continuing problem: book not appearing in UK Nook Store

      I'm posting a copy of this because I no longer have any confidence anyone in Nook Support is paying attention to the normal channels. If anyone out there has had this problem and managed to solve it, please let me know how you did it.



      Please forward this to a supervisor.


      I published my novel Doha 12 (EAN 2940016302089) in March on the US Nook website and indicated I have worldwide rights. Since that time, it has never appeared on the UK Nook website. After multiple unhelpful sessions with Nook Support -- including being cut off or stonewalled when I've asked to speak to a supervisor -- I’m no closer to a solution and have no evidence that anything is being done to resolve the problem.


      The last time I tried this, I was told Nook Press books aren’t appearing on the UK Nook site. I now know that is not correct.


      I’ve received no explanation, progress reports or support on this issue since I brought it up over two months ago. That, more than anything else, is tremendously frustrating. A page could have been hand-coded and loaded byte-by-byte into the UK site in the intervening time.


      Please have someone respond who can address this issue and provide me with either an explanation or a progress report. Don’t bother to send the usual unhelpful, canned “we’re working on it” response; I have a collection of those, and clearly no one is working on this if the problem still exists.


      If it sounds as if I’m upset, I am. This is money out of my pocket. I’ve followed the rules; the Nook store has failed to live up to its end of the bargain.