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    Book Failing To Upload

      I've got a book EPub check 3.01compliant that simply fails to upload. All I receive is a message upload failed reason unknown.Any tips or tricks that people have learned  to get a book to upload?

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          More than likely, the error you saw was wrong. For some reason, there are times when that error message is rampant, but means absolutely nothing. Your book should go live in 12-24hrs.


          Hope this helps :smileyhappy:



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            I'm having my own set of problems. I published 3 eBooks with Nook Press last week and they still haven't posted. So I contacted support services and they told me that I have to press the green publish buttons. Which I did before. So I did it again today, and then support services sent another email with links to my books to do it again - which I did ... again ... A question though-when you press the green publishing button, does it stop being green and says something totally different - because no matter how many times I press those green "publish" buttons they stay green afterward and still say "Publish." This just seems like it shouldn't be happening; enough eBook publishing platforms are up these days that there shouldn't be such problematic issues. When Barnes & Noble first began their eBook platform (PubIt), I had the same type of issues with uploading and posting, and I became so frustrated that I finally went through Smashwords instead. Now with the new platform, Nook Press, I figured it was probably better than the last platform, so I took the eBooks off of Smashords and submitted them for publishing through Nook Press. Now I'm getting frustrated with B & N all over again. I hope support services posts the eBooks within the next couple of days, otherwise I'm going to have to go back to Smashwords. - A