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    Collaborator Invites

      Hey fellow-NookPress-users,


      Does anyone know of a reason as to why the collaborators that I have invited have not received their emails about joining? One of them is a current Nook owner, so she has a normal B&N account (not a NP account) and the other has no B&N account that I know of. One is an AOL email user and the other is Gmail user (as am I). I have sent the invites twice now (thinking the original was just a flub up i.e. just not going through right) and they have both checked their spam filters as well as normal inbox with no results. I am at a loss for what it could be other than another thing wrong with Nook Press (I wouldn't really know what is different from PubIt! as I never used that, but I have heard many complaints about NP, when compared to PubIt!)