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    Shows the Manuscript is uploaded, but...

      I have a picture book that is comprised of all images. I use Sigil - always worked well for B&N.

      I even got a Nook email saying I had uploaded a munscript, AND I can see it in the Manuscript editor.

      (My complete Manuscript is 1 MB total.)


      But it won't toggle the Manuscipt step as complete.

      First time using the new Nook Press.


      I succesffuly filled out the other steps. Although it insists on me fillin gin Editorial Reviews when I don't have any.


      Help? :-)

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          Once in the Book Editor, can you save a chapter? just curious, that may trigger the system to recognize a manuscript present.
          I believe Editorial Reviews are completely optional and not required to publish.
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            I found the problem.


            My books are comprised of all images, seperated by chapter. Nook requires at least one chapter with text, so I had to type in a line of text so I could preview the book.


            The Manuscript editor is not intuitive at all. I'm expecting a complete button, or some other button to click when I'm done editing. Instead you have to go back to the Project page for the book to discover the Manuscript checkbox is now checked.


            Quirky but I got the manuscript uploaded.