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    Someone Stole My Book and Uploaded Here!

      I got an email from Amazon (where 99.9% of my books are for sale). They said 2 of my books that are enrolled in KDP were found on BN. I should note, all of my books are exclusive to KDP at this point, and I have never uploaded these 2 books to BN.

      Okay, so the first link they sent me was not my book. The title is different, the author is different, the cover is completely different; I have no idea why their system flagged it as my book? It's very strange. I wrote back to them explaining the mix-up and am still waiting for an answer.

      The second book they sent IS my book. I have never uploaded my book to BN. What's even stranger is that the book has 24 5-star reviews, and they are all spam. I mean, just complete spam. They're not even remotely related to my book, or any book, for that matter. Here's one review: "Immmm boreddddddd".

      Literally. They're all like that.

      Has anyone ever experienced something like this??

      Someone somehow downloaded my book, uploaded it to BN, and then flooded it with a bunch of spam 5-star reviews to hope it gets on the charts and sells well or something like that?

      I've contacted BN support and KDP support to try and clear things up, but I'm just really perplexed and I don't want to take the blame for something I haven't done!

      Anyone ever gone through this?