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    B&N planning to kill off the Nook

      check this link and then follow the first link embedded in the message


        • Um, NO

          B&N is not "planning to kill off the nook", there is a RUMOR that MS is interested in buying the business.  That is all.  There has been no announcement of a deal.  We have no idea what B&N plans to do.

          • Re: B&N planning to kill off the Nook

            Yeah, there is a lot of talk about MS wanting to buy the Nook. I don't know if B&N is thinking of killing it off, to be honest I'm shocked they even want to sell it, but I've been getting the impression that NO ONE at B&N understands anything invented after the 70's.


            The new website is proof that there is no one there who has any understanding of the internet nor how it works. I wrote them and got a reply, someone was supposed to contact me, (and did leave a message - once) as ecommerce is a very big part of what I make my living at (The websites I have dealt with make a lot more money than B&N as an example).


            If B&N put me in charge of the Nook I'd have it profitable in a year (assuming it isn't already) and push it into big numbers in relatively short order. Look at Amazon, it's not rocket science. However the folks at B&N just don't have the skillset to understand what they're giving up here. Which is namely the future of B&N.