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    Upload of Word .doc Manuscript to acknowledging.  Still says Add Manuscript on Project Page


      For my new project, Outdoor Play "Fun 4 4 Seasons", I clicked Add
      Manuscript, selected my Word .doc manuscript, and did the upload. The
      windows said it was uploading. It finished and returned to the prior
      Upload Manuscript screen with no indication the upload was complete.
      When I went to my In progress Project page, it still said Add
      Manuscript. So I did a second upload with the same happening.I chatted
      earlier and it was suggested I try the upload with a new browser. The
      first time it was with IE 10, the second time FireFox. Same happening
      and Add Manuscript in the Project page.


      All I want to do is upload my manuscript and see what it looks like. Why am I not getting an upload
      complete message (or even an error message), and why is the Manuscript column still saying Add