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    Nothing will upload.

      Is the manuscript uploader working for everybody else? No matter how many times I try to upload my perfectly fine epub file (it can be read and looks great on the Glowlight I own and HD+ I'm borrowing from work (BN#2879 represent!)) but it just gives me a non-descriptive error message and that's it.


      If anybody else is having the same problem please let me know, because I cannot for the life of me think of why it wouldn't work other than it's just down. Thanks in advance.

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          My book would not go through the conversion process today at Pubit. It worked on Nook Press. I've had periodic problems with Pubit not going through the whole progress and saying that the conversion failed. The same book published easily on Kindle.

          BUT, I can't see how to upload a revised manuscript on Nook Press. Once it's published, how do you go about uploading a revised book's file?