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    Code is seen when viewing the manuscript

      Hey guys,


      First of all, I think Nook Press is an amazing thing!  My author and I wouldn't have been able to sell our book on the Nook if it wasn't for this!  It allows us to customize it however we want it!


      One problem though.  Let me explain everything first. 


      When I first started editing my manuscript, everything looked good throughout the whole book when I viewed it.  Then I started splitting the chapters.  Now when I view the manuscript, it is filled with code for the first 40 pages.  The rest of the book is fine.  And when I go back to look in the Manuscript editor, the code is not present. 


      I wanted to see if anyone knew what is going on here.  Will this code be viewable when I set it to sell?  I want to make sure that this is just the sample and will not appear in the final version because I don't want to have to reedit the whole thing again when I have to remove it and start from scratch. 


      I have attached a photo so you can see what my problem is. 



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          Without actually looking at your epub file, I would only be guessing as to the cause of why code showing up. Have you tried to sideload it onto an actual device? if possible, you should always sideload and never fully trust what you see with the online previewers.




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            Two days ago, I uploaded a 193 kb EPUB that had been blessed by EPUBCHECK. Before I officially published my EPUB, I used Manuscript Editor just to look at the EPUB; I didn't change anything. When I clicked "PUBLISH," I first clicked the button that said "Use the file I uploaded" instead of "Use the book as changed by Manuscript Editor." But despite that, what was published was a 725 kb EPUB file with garbage in it. Today I wound up re-uploading the flawless 193 kb EPUB file, and now everything's fine. If you want to write for EPUB, then I suggest that you each download Calibre ebook-conversion software, and email each other revised HTML versions of your book. At least for now, Manuscript Editor is a snakepit.