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    I Can't Reply to My Own Posts

      I posted a couple threads. When I click "reply" to anything, it won't let me reply. This company historically offered no tech support. Now, it's offering completely incompetent tech support. I preview a new title and it totally screwes up my table of contents. I complain, and tech support tells me to "preview the title". Barnes and Noble deserves to fail. I've been waiting months for "Pubit" tech support to help me with my titles. Maybe they don't deserve my titles. I posted some threads earlier and they won't even let me respond to responses to these threads. I'm stuck. I took all my titles off of Barnes and Noble because of these types of issues. They offered tech support finally. They never had tech support even though they pretended to. I'm offering new titles and they don't even read my concerns. This company is a scam. Disregard the big name they have. They are scam artists who don't respect their authors. I've been waiting many months for tech support to get back to me on titles. If they don't care enough to respond to their authors, they don't deserve any business whatsoever. 

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          Barnes and Noble is a sinking ship. It reported negative earnings larger than anticipated. It announced plans to close many brick and mortar stores. Its new NOOKPress is a disaster. But even before these negative developments, Pubit Indie author support was quite inadequate.


          I think the business model plan for ebooks employed by both BandN and Amazon is wrong. I suggest that free publishing and listing any and all ebooks for sale cannot make money, due to the expenses involved. To make money and be able to afford good support, it is necessary to charge something for the privilege of being published and marketed. Perhaps something like $5.00 per month? This would be helpful two ways:


          (1): It would bring in revenue to the publisher/marketer.

          (2)  It would elimiinate many of the non-selling ebooks presently clogging the system.


          It seems to me that until something like the above plan is employed, the ebook divisions of both BandN and Amazon will continue to be net financial losses.


          Indies may not like the idea of paying something, but under the present system you get what you pay for.


          And, giving away very large numbers of ebooks as with the Amazon Select program must hurt paid sales overall. A person reading a free ebook should not be the goal. Free ebooks should be either regulated regarding quantity, or eliminated.


          My ebook sales rate under NOOKPress has become 10% of what it was under Pubit. It looks like NOOKPress is going a long way in the direction of destroying what is left of the BandN ebook business. R.I.P.


          My most recent ebook is "Principles of Flight." It has not sold a single copy on Amazon.com, NOOKPress.com, Kobo.com. and Philduke.weebly.com. If you feel generous or curious please purchase a copy from Amazon.com. You can always return it within 7 days. Thank you. I would feel a lot better if it sold at least ONE copy. The ebook has 24 illustrations, here is one. Somehow this picture reminds me of NOOKPress.


                 The airship Hindenburg disaster.