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    Nook Press Preview: Table of Contents Items Are Named "html20", "html35", Etc



      What could be wrong here? The book looks fine, but the table of contents only lists a few of the chapters and the rest are named "html20", etc. They are hyperlinked and go to the chapters. It's just the anchor text that is screwed up. I uploaded an epub which came from an html document which came from a text html document. I'm copying and pasting my autogenerated TOC below and maybe someone can tell me what's going on. Also, is there a better previewer maybe similar to the KDP's downloadable one?


      I took out all the h's in "h tml" because the code messes with the ability to post this. It looks a lot stranger than how I pasted it because this forum has some bugs. Ouch, this is taking a while. Thanks.



        • tml21
        • tml20
        • tml19
        • The Complete Table of Contents in Context
      • What is Meditation (and What the Hell is Yoga for That Matter)?
      • Is Meditation Religious?
      • Preliminaries
      • More Preliminaries for Deeper Meditation
      • Going Deeper Yet
      • Developing a Routine
      • A Word about the Imagination
      • The “7+1 Tuning Method” - Some Warm Up Exercises
      • tml9
      • tml8
      • tml6
      • tml5
      • tml4
      • tml3
      • tml2
      • tml1