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    Sales for April 11th Vanished - Anyone Else?

      I had five new sales appear for April 11th and noticed they disappeared last night.I figured they were moving them to the total for the month but instead, they are nowhere in my reports today.


      This may correct within a day or two but wondered if any of you have seen your April 11th sales vanish?


      I should have done like one of the members here, who said they would be taking screen shots of their sales. Might be a good idea for a while because last year I had sales vanish and they were never re-applied to my reports. I even remembered the titles for some of those that vanished but the letter from then-Pubit! Support stated that reports were running normally.


      I upset forum members last year, who thought I was postting about glitchy sales reports too often but emails alone don't help to show whether or not a glitch is affecting one publisher, a few publishers or everyone. Even Nook Press should want to know this ("should" being the key word in my last sentence).