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    Sales for the 23rd and 24th?

      Anyone here get any sales data for the 23rd or 24th?  So far nothing for those two days.  I don't know if I just got unlucky and there's no sales for those days for me, or if something is stuck again, although I admit it seems kind of weird that I wouldn't even get 1 sale on the weekend.  Sigh.  And things were moving so much smoother once they fixed that last glitch.  Grrrrr.

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          I sold 8 the 23rd and 6 the 24th but strangely all those sales stopped updating at around 2pm! And a sale was added today to the 24th... I feel I should have many more sales for those days. Today I have a big fat zero sales with over 60 short stories, and that never happens. Do you guys think it's a glitch? I was having a great month up until now.