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    Hey-Where did my sales information go????

      Hello All:


      Just wondering if anyone else has run into this situation before.  My book went up for sale on Monday (3/11/13) and I was able to see my sales numbers the next day.  When I checked yesterday by looking at the my sales tab, the numbers were there.  Today, the sales tab is blank.  It doesn't list my book title  nor does it show any sales.  I sent an email to pubit@bn.com asking why but am hoping someone might provide insight?

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          So you had sales yesterday . . . right? And when you checked them you clicked on the Today Sales . . . yes? If so, those sales now show under the Yesterdays Sales tab. Then on the third day, the show up in your Monthly Sales Report.


          But looking at my dashboard just now, I see Pubit is having some issues and I can't see any of my titles listed. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon. At least i can still access my sales page :smileyindifferent:




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              The strange thing is that there is no information shown in monthly sales, daily sales or yesterday's sales.  I sent an email to pubit last night.  Do they respond fairly quickly?

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                  I have consistently had sales since the 2nd of this month, but now the last thing I show is on the 11th.  I logged on at 1 a.m. last night (The 14th) my time, and I got an error message that read 'We are experiencing technical difficulties."  I wonder if that somehow messed up the sales, because usually I get at least one sale two days from the date I make one.  Well, I'm not showing anything for tonight either, which would technically be showing sales for the 13th.  Ugh!!!!

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                      All our sales have disappeared. I'm going to start taking screen shots of my sales report at the end of every day from here on out. Because if B&N is going to pull this, I promise you, I am still getting paid for my sales.

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                          I'm sorry to hear that a lot of people are running into the same problem, but a little relieved that it isn't just me-power in numbers right?  I think that we are offered certain protections in having an ISBN associated with our book, at least from an auditing perspective.  I am new to this arena and probably naive, but B&N is a reputable company, so I'm more frustrated by the lack of accountability than nervous about being screwed over.  Just wish they were more responsive to emails directed at problems.  Still waiting to hear back from them.