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    Read Instantly?

      What determines if a book will have the 'Read Instantly' option?


      When I first published my book the 'Read Instantly' option was available, now that I made some changes to the formatting and republished the book, the 'Read Instantly' option is not available.  I have not been able to find ANY information on what determines this feature.


      Any takers on this question?

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          All books eventually get the read instantly option, you just have to give the computers time to catch up with your book in the system. Sometimes its only a week or so before its happened with some of my books and one of them took almost a month before it was available. You can try to email pubit and let them know, but since they don't really reply without a generated response, you're probably no better off than just sitting back and waiting.

          And since you made changes to your book, your read instantly file has to be updated so that readers who want to browse your book will be reading the most current copy.


          Hope this helps :smileyhappy: