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    Text Displaying over Images in EPUB

      Hello, I create my EPUBs with Calibre and upload the EPUB to PubIt.  The file I upload and the preview file they provide both appear properly in Adobe Digital Editions and in the Nook for PC app.  However, customers have reported that text is appearing over some images, and I can view this issue when I look at my books on Nook for Android on a Samsung tablet.


      It only seems to happen when an image appears at the very bottom of a page.  The image is then repeated on the next page, with the text running over it. If I select a different font size and cause the text the "reflow," the image may move on the page and not be at the bottom, and the issue no longer appears with that specific image.  However, the issue will then appear with a different image that is now located at the bottom of a page.


      Thank you.


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          This is how I did images. I used Word 2003 and saved as .doc Page size, 8 by 11 1/2. 1" margins all around. I inserted the chapters, all text, into the document. I inserted the images this way. Where I wanted the image in the text, I used page break, some use section break.

          I inserted the image and the used page break again.

          It worked.

          Feel free to ask questions.

          When you complicate things for uploading an ebook, you get into little problems.

          If you use Word 2007 or 2010, save as Word 98-2003.

          Pubit converts the document into EPUB.

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              Thank you for your response - I appreciate your help.  However, I cannot use this solution for a couple reasons.  First, I have numerous images in my book, as it is a reference book with images and screenshots that apply to each paragraph or two.  So I cannot do a page break or section break before and/ or after each image, as the book would become all "chopped up" and would not be very user-friendly as a reference guide if every image were on its own page and not next to the text it references.


              Second, I have learned over time that I need to submit an EPUB to BN, not a DOC, as I need more control over the final formatting, images, and table of contents - and too many (additional) errors creep in if I allow them to do the DOC to EPUB conversion.


              I should have stated originally, however, that I do start with a Word DOC and convert it to EPUB using Calibre.


              Any other ideas / solutions will be appreciated.