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    Upload & Convert Failed

      I've seen this same complaint several times in this forum with no real resolution.

      I uploaded a Word 2010 docx file and result is "File Conversion Failed".  There are no other indications as to why this might be.  No error message or secret codes.  I had successfully converted 3 other files of nearly identical content and size.  The other three files were using the same Word 2010 docx format.  In fact, the failed file and one other were uploaded within a half an hour of each other.

      I have converted to epub and uploaded that and everythig works fine... except my epub conversion program does not do paragraph indenting properly (so I don't want to leave that version up.


      Any ideas?  Thanks................

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          Save as Word 97-2003. It removes the extra code that Word 2007 and 2010 has that fouls up the upload.
          Sometimes the docx will upload, but it can be dicey.
          On paragraph indents, I used .15 first line indent in Format in Word. I used Word 2003 saved as .doc and both books uploaded.
          Simple is always better with uploading ebook files.
          I hope this helps and good luck.
          Also, there seems to be some delays with uploading, but I'd try the .doc and see if that helps.
          Ask questions if you need to.
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            Me, too. I can't get my file to go through conversion. I have published this same book on Amazon Kindle with no glitch at all. I thought maybe Barnes and Noble were having a problem with file conversions and that by the time I returned from vacation, all would be well. BUT, my book still hangs up in the file conversion. Can contacting the Nook staff help?