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    Incorrect sample linked to my book!

      I recently published a book using Pubit!, but I discovered that .  Apparently someone interested in the book wanted to check out the free sample, and downloaded it to find out that the same is to an entirely different book by another author!  I downloaded the sample myself and confirmed that it is incorrect. 


      When I went through the process to publish the original, I downloaded the whole file and everything looked fine. 


      Naturally as soon as I discovered the problem I emailed Pubit to fix the problem...it's been two days now and I've heard nothing. 


      The original person who discovered the error posted a review stating the problem--if that person had not done so I would have had no way of knowing of the error.  Until this problem is fixed, this has cost me at least one sale and potentially more. 


      If I don't hear from Pubit soon  I'm going to have to pull the book off sale until they fix it.  I'm not very pleased with Pubit's quality control right now...