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    Book Cover Not Displaying

      After I uploaded my book cover and ePub file...and then downloaded the file to test inside Nook for PC, the book cover does not display in "My Stuff".  I get a generic B & N cover.  I've jumped thru the hoops described in this thread:




      ...but have had no luck.  Suggestions, please?

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          So if I understand you correctly, you've uploaded a book file to pubit and then downloaded your file so you can check it over . . . right? And in reviewing your file, you did not see your cover that you uploaded to pubit for this books file . . . again, right?

          If so, then that means you did not include a cover within your books file. The cover you upload will be melded with your book file for a reader when the book is actually purchased, not before. If you want an additional cover to show then it needs to be added to the front of your books file.


          Hope this helps :smileyhappy: