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    Problems with paragraph spacing and margins

      My PubIt-published books are showing up on my Nook Tablet with what appears to be an extra line between paragraphs.  I have checked my settings in Scrivener (my writing and publishing application) and have found no settings that would cause this.  Then, when I view the file on the Nook for Mac application, I do not see this problem. 

      The second issue is that compared to some other books, the left and right margins on my books appear to be larger when read on the Nook Tablet.  I would like those margins to be smaller. 

      Can anyone suggest a fix or give me an idea on what is causing these problems?  Thank you.

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          I am not familiar with your program. However, there is surely someplace (Like in Word) where you can check a box that says something like "Check if you do not want an extra space between paragraphs".


          If the box is not checked, it will automatically put an extra space between paragraphs.


          Also, I set my margins to moderate or medium. I hope this helps.


          Good luck!