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    Alexander: Vanquish The Night By: Lauren Pomeroy

      I recently finish reading this incredible book by Lauren Pomeroy, Alexander: Vanquish The Night. Vanquish The Night is an exhilarating story that dates back to more than a hundred centuries. A young man destined to avenge his parents death.


      Shocking twists and turns, take the story spiraling out of control. The young night strangely loses his memory and key pieces to who killed his parents are erased. Mystery, thrill, and suspense are all rolled up into one.


      My favorite character in the story is Selene, a very uncanny woman. She holds all the secrets and answers that Alexander has been searching for. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book of romance and adventure. This book can be purchased on Amazon kindle for $4.99, very inexpensive.


      Alexander: Vanquish The Night