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    Pubit! needs to get its act together

      I've been patient. I've played nice. I've watched all the various threads about the technical issues.


      Enough is enough.


      I haven't been able to update prices or any other data on my e-books in weeks. Weeks!


      That's simply not good enough.


      This has gone beyond a mere annoyance. Considering how other sites often price match or send warnings about differing prices elsewhere, Pubit! is now creating problems for writers who utilize other publishing and distribution sites.


      Fix this. Now. The holidays are over.

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          Hi Darkbow,


          You're preaching to the choir here. This is a user-supported forum. If you want PubIt! to hear you, you must contact them directly. Those few who have managed to get a reply are usually met with "we didn't know a problem existed" kinds of messages. Ergo, PubIt! doesn't appear to monitor this forum.


          One forum member reported that they tried to contact PubIt! through B&N and was told that the PubIt! staff is very small. The PubIt! employees are probably just as frustrated as us.


          Ultimately, it's B&N, the owner of PubIt!, who is responsible and needs to provide the necessary resources to fix things.


          Kind regards, David