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    Trouble Uploading First Book

      I just opened my account today and got an active status right away.  I had my first book ready to upload and went through the steps to do that.  I browsed for the file and hit the upload and preview button.  The file will not upload.  I get no error message, the upload just never completes.  The page just continues to show that it's uploading.  I went back and tried again - got the same result.  I was able to enter all the other data, just can't upload the file. 


      I've been through the file as best I can and I see no glaring issues with it.  It's well within size requirements and it's in DOC format.  I've tried several times throughout the day today and get the same result.  Does anyone have any insight into what I need to do to get the book file uploaded?


      I've published on Amazon several times and have never had any issues at all.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Not a whole lot of information. Did you save it in Word 97-2003? As it works much better.

          It may just be a gliche, something they have a lot of around here.  Good luck.

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            Hi kldear,


            Welcome to PubIt! I joined recently, myself. If you read the past threads in this forum you'll discover that PubIt! has been experiencing a number of problems since the big hurricane hit New York a few months ago (B&N is located in New York). The PubIt! system has a number of quirks and some of its features are not working.


            But inspite of this, we've been able to successfully upload new books and have them listed for sale on the B&N website.


            The place to start troubleshooting your problem is to discover whether the problem is occuring at your computer or at PubIt!.


            Question: Were you able to successfully upload a cover image (for marketing)? If your cover image also wouldn't upload, then the problem may be with your computer. Perhaps your security software is being overprotective and is blocking your uploads because it misinterprets the interaction with the PubIt! site as that of a zombie (that is, it thinks your computer is being used by a hacker to participate in a denial of service attack). By "security software" I mean antivirus, antispyware, antimalware and firewall software. The solution may be to temporarily disable your security software while you upload the file (then re-enable it immediately afterward).


            If you were able to upload the cover image without trouble, then the problem may be your .doc file. Or the problem may be with PubIt!, itself. However, unless PubIt! has acquired a new problem, I doubt the latter because I don't remember seeing any other reports of this problem recently. Stay tuned to this forum and see if anyone else reports the same problem.


            My advice: If you were able to upload the cover image successfully, keep trying with the .doc file. The best time is during the early morning hours when internet traffic is the lowest (say, between 3 and 6 a.m. ET).


            Important: As mentioned above, PubIt! has been having problems. After you have successfully uploaded your .doc file and you click the final button on the PubIt! website to "publish" your book, you can expect to receive a "Technical Difficulties" error message. Ignore this message. Just wait patiently for several days. If you filled out the submission form correctly and there are no problems with your .doc file, then your ebook should appear for sale on the B&N website within a week.


            Authors and publishers seem to be having the most trouble editing and/or removing a book that is on sale. Until these problems are fixed, it is vital that you carefully proofread and copyedit your book before you upload it because you may not be able to fix it until the PubIt! problems are, themselves, fixed.


            Finally, Amazon KDP and B&N PubIt! each use different converter software to convert a .doc file into an ebook file for their e-reader platforms. And their requirements for .doc file formatting is different. Don't expect your .doc file to work here just because it worked at Amazon KDP and visa versa.


            In my opinion, the best way to avoid file problems is to do the conversion, yourself. For Amazon KDP, this means using Amazon's free KindleGen software to create your own mobi file. For B&N PubIt!, this means creating your own epub file. And it means testing these files on various e-readers before you submit them for publication.


            To do this, you will need to learn a little html and css programming. And you'll need to learn about the opf and ncx files used by both Kindle and Nook. It's not as difficult as you may think. The easiest way to learn is to study samples of other ebooks. Amazon provides some great samples for Kindle and a good ePub sample for Nook is the Sigil user manual (an epub file without DRM). There are some third-party tools that some publishers promote, like Sigil (which is free), which can help by handling many of the details. But knowing html and css programming can usually produce better results and you'll be able to take advantage of all of the formatting features that each platform supports.


            If you want to steer clear of the technical mumbo jumbo, then hire an "expert" to do the formatting and file submission for you. You'll be surprised at how inexpensive it can be if you've prepared a good .doc file. Several members of this forum offer this service. Read through some of the past threads to find them. Some of the better ones have websites with samples of their work.


            Kind regards, David

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              i uploaded a book yesterday12/29/12 and it keeps saying "processing" so i can't go back into the book--or start over. any suggestions. i emailed pubit, but thwey are really pathetic at getting back to you. thx.

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                Hi alannayes0,


                It is normal for your book's status to be "processing" between the time you published it at PubIt! and the time it finally appears for sale at B&N's website. It can take up to 3 days (even a week in some cases). So you need to be patient and wait.


                If your book hasn't appeared for sale after a week, then you should try to get help from PubIt!. Also, if your book's status is still "processing" after it has appeared for sale at B&N, that is another reason to try to contact PubIt!.


                These things take time and PubIt! is slow and understaffed. Don't expect a fast response.


                Kind regards, David

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                  Hi Alan :smileyhappy:

                    Processing times, on a good day, are about 12-15 hours. But as eB00k said, since Sandy hit, [actually before that . . .] processing times longer, some have been hovering around (from what's been said by others) two to four days and sometimes a bit longer. Also, others have noticed that while on your dashboard a book says it's still in processing, your book might actually be live.

                  It's a crapshoot as of late.


                  Hope this helps :smileyhappy: