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    How can I have a sales ranking if I've never sold a copy?

      So, one of my titles has a sales ranking--yet I've never sold a copy (not on BN, at least--I have on other sites, thankfully).


      Is this a sale that wasn't reported? From how long ago? Makes me wonder about other unreported sales, that I would have no way of noticing. :smileysad:

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          Hi 1001nights,


          My wife recently published her first ebook on B&N via PubIt! and we timed how long it would take a sale to be reported. It took about 36 hours. I don't know if this is typical (our test was just for one sale) but if it normally takes between 1.5 to 2 days for a sale to be reported to the author/publisher, then perhaps this would explain your observations.


          We were discouraged by the slow resporting. Domestic sales are reported almost instantaneously at Amazon.


          Kind regards, David

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              Greetings again,


              I just learned a bit more about the PubIt! Sales Report by clicking on the "More Info" link on the page. Evidently you can't take their labels such as "This Month" at face value.


              According to the descriptions provided, the "This Month" total is a "net" value that covers the 1st day through yesterday—it does not include today's sales. Therefore, the "This Month" figures are always one day behind and this explains why sales that you "know" took place "today" do not show up in the monthly figure until later.


              This could explain why, an author's sales ranking may be out of sync with the "This Month" sales figure.


              Why PubIt! does it this way is beyond me. I think the "This Month" figure should include ALL sales for the current month with no exceptions. I also would like them to list returns separately like Amazon does. PubIt! simply subtracts the returns from the total "This Month" figure and presents a "net" figure. You have no way of knowing if there are any returns and, if so, how many.


              Kind regards, David

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              My tests usually show sales appearing within an hour after I purchase a book. Lately, I've been seeing sales tacked onto the monthly report that didn't show up in the daily one--pretty much ever since Sandy. Once a few months ago, I got a whole bunch of sales tacked onto the monthly report for several of my books, which might have been a correction after an internal audit. So maybe the sale will show up sometime? B&N has been making a lot of not-very-well-tested changes lately, in addition to recovering from the storm, so there are bound to be glitches that hopefully get caught by their auditing teams. I had a weird experience at Amazon where a sale registered for a book I had unpublished three months earlier. I'm pretty sure both companies run internal audits of their IT systems and correct any mistakes that come up. My experience with these kinds of IT audits is that they typically occur monthly, quarterly, and yearly.