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    BandN Survey Scams?

      When I log into Pubit.com I am asked both verbally and in text to take a simple four question survey, with the words Barnes and Noble prominently displayed. On completing the survey I can select a nice gift worth $50 or more, and to get it I just have to pay shipping and handling. Or I am informed I have won a $500 BandN Gift Card, and all I have to do to get it is complete a short survey. But then "participation is required." The surveys ask for detailed personal information.


      My question is, are these "surveys" really as I expect scam phishing sites? And how can I get rid of them?


      In addition there is something called "Topic Torch" by "Contenko?" that is always intruding on the bottom of my page when I log into Pubit. Is this a phishing site?


      All replies are welcome.


      I have 19 ebook titles available from BandN, on a variety of subjects. My sales have fallen off a cliff. Please take a look at my ebooks, and if you see something that appeals to you, and you buy it, I will be very grateful. If after reading the ebook you would like your money back, no problem, just email me, my email address is in every book, and it will be cheerfully refunded via PayPal. Thank you.


      Merry Christmas and best regards,


      Phillip Duke Ph.D.