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    A Flynn City Christmas and a little about the series of The Flynn City Egg Man.

      A Flynn City Christmas  A Flynn City Christmas is the second novel in the series of The Flynn City Egg Man. In the series, each novel is themed around the holidays. The first book in the series takes place in Easter, 1969, and then comes Christmas, 1971. The village of Flynn City is a small town nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania, and most people want to leave it. There's an eccentric peddler named Cyrus Flannery who prefers being called the Egg Man. His old yellow panel truck is a familiar sight, and he sells his holiday goods from the back of it. You will meet a cast of characters who grow with time, and their lives change.


      The thing about the holidays in Flynn City is that something always seems to happen, that brings together the Egg Man, and a reluctant hero named Cuffy Landers who always finds himself in the middle of the fray.


      In A Flynn City Christmas, the reader soon finds that Christmas is not all about wrappings and bows. Instead, a group of friends and strangers come together during the worst blizzard in history. They soon discover that miracles can happen even in Flynn City.


      In The Flynn City Egg Man, you get to meet the characters for the very first time. When the head cheerleader, and drama queen of Flynn City High decides she wants to be an actress, just how far she will go is anyone's guess. When her jealous boyfriend comes along, look out. The Egg Man planned for the best Easter ever as he peddles his goodies, but Tyler Armstrong has other plans for Cuffy and the Egg Man.


      Coming soon, A Flynn City Fourth of July.