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      I guess it is my turn to pile on since their is no response from Barnes and Noble on their issues. 


      Started to upload a few new books last week and found out that on all our books the Keyword search terms are all gone from our books. Over 50 books and everyone of the keywords are gone from there database. Try to email B7N but of course no response. Not sure if I should even recreate them with all the issues going on.


      I was able to upload some books yesterday but today it looks like the service is down. The "My Titles" page is "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience." so I cannot see anything on the page. 


      Nice to post and keep your customers informed B&N.


      Also sales have not been reported since the 4th. 


      Looks like the site is dead. Wish someone from B&N would at least have the courtesy to at least post someone to respond to some of this.