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      What is the best way to place an illustration into the Nook? My illustration always appears in the wrong place, and sometimes it's smaller, when I upload the illustration into the Nook simulator.



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          You need to give more information. I inserted the images into the Word document after a page break. I had no trouble. Someone may come along and know.
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            Hello, I hope this helps. The computer program text marker also indicates where the illustration will go. Center it where you want the illustration, give it plenty of space, and then move the text close to the image top and bottom, to avoid published blank spaces.Once inserted images can be resized (formatted), moved around on the page, or edited before publication.My ebook NARCOTICS with Pictures has 24 illustrations, Jack the Ripper versus Sherlock Holmes has six, no problem.The Nook previewer unlike the Kindle can be in color, which is nice.Good luck!


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            Phillip Duke Ph.D.