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    Punctuation Wraps to a New Line

      I have a problem with all punctuation that wraps to the next line. Even the apostrophes. When "you're" is in a position to wrap, Nook does this:


      After coming in here and finding out that you

      're not available ...


      I've gone back and checked for spaces before the punctuation, but have found none. Something's up with the newer software updates to Nook. I have 50 titles up including short stories, and it does it for all of them on my color Nook and Simple Touch. However, it doesn't do it on my Android Nook App. The odd thing is this: Those titles first put up over a year ago, never did that. As Nook updated its software, it started happening (and to the books already for sale) and I can't find a way to beat it, nor do I hear from anyone else having problems trying to upload their Word 97-2003 files.