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    Sales Not Reporting


      I was wondering if anyone was having issues with sales not reporting for the last couple days..

      I have an average of 7 -8 copies sold on most weekdays, and average 12-15 on weekends, but for all of yesterday(wedns) and today(thurs) I havent seen a single reported sale... It is possible I am just having a lull, but seems unlikely.. Or did B&N do something recently that I dont know about?

      Any info or ideas would be welcomed...

      Thank you

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          I am totally in the same boat. This month started out with me having anywhere from 21-33 sales a day. Yesterday I sold 9. Today I sold 2 so far. I sincerely hope that there's some kind of reporting glitch and things look better when I check tomorrow.

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            Sometimes they change their algorithms, which effects what books get pushed closer to the reader's eyes. One can google amazon and algorithm and get a better understanding of how this works. Algorithms tend to favor the most popular books. It seems like all they need to do is showcase popular books and leave the rest of us alone, instead of pushing us down. Maybe they aren't intentionally pushing us down, but that seems to be the effect. Perhaps someone from B&N will step in and shed some light on this.

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              Our sales have not been reported for nearly a month. We record the sales rankings every day and some of our books have lost their ranking entirely. WHAT IS GOING ON AT BARNES AND NOBLE?


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                  1 book in 19 days--When I have over a dozen titles.  Something is very wrong.  I know I am small banannas compared to other accounts, but I use to sell 20 to 40 books a month.  Then it dropped to five or six, and now down to 1.  If they are trying to push the small guy out, they are doing a very good job.  I won't be posting any new titles until sales on my current titles improve.  And yes, I have more titles to publish, and I do not plan to stay small banannas for ever. 

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                  I'm having same problem. Just wrote to B&N, but not holding out hope I'll hear back. But I feel better someone else is having same issue. When I looked at "yesterday" for last few days (since the 20th) I've had sales, but the next day the total stays the same as does the monthly report.