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    Paragraph spacing setting on the Nook Tablet?

      Is there a paragraph spacing setting on the Nook tablet?  I'm racking my brains trying to fix an extra line space between paragraphs issue in my books on PubIT and my Nook Tablet is the only instance where this issue comes up. 

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          What file did you upload to pubit? Was it word? If so, using it set to 97-2003 is best and make sure you have tabs turned off. Make no more than two returns after any paragraph otherwise it leaves a blank page, and for paragraph settings you should have your lines set to single with 0 spacing before and no more than 3 after.


          If you have more questions, just ask :smileyhappy: we're here to help, And if this is still too much for you, there are also a few of us here that offer formatting services at fairly reasonable prices.

          Congratulations on getting ready to upload your book!!



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            These kinds of problems with spaces, margins, and centering (among others) is because there are no industry standards between manufacturers of eReaders. They won't even bother to sit down with each other long enough come up with a standard screen ratio.


            Output your Word .doc as .html and then do the following:


            1. Use the following CSS somewhere in the head to take out space between the paragraghs and to make the first line of each paragraph indent:


            <style type="text/css"> p {margin-top: 0em; margin-bottom: 0.0em; text-indent:1.5em} </style>

            2. Use this code at the front of any paragraphs you DON'T want indented by the above code:


            <p style="text-indent: 0em;">


            Then if you want any extra spaces between any lines, use paragraph top or bottom margins to achieve those, and do it in em measures. 1em is the equivalent of a typical letter height in any font and will scale with the font size if the reader adjusts it.