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    Is there actually a way to make Tables of Contents for Nook books?

      I'm baffled at the difficulty of making a table of contents for a Nook book.  Making one for the Kindle is pretty easy.  But Nook?  Absolutely not.


      First I tried making internal hyperlinks, since the FAQ said those are fine.  Nope.  They only link back to the previous page in the book.  The very same file, with the very same hyperlinks, works perfectly on the Kindle.  Why, pray tell, do they not work on the Nook?


      Then I tried using third party software programs like Calibre and Sigil.  Neither one works, nor have I found anything positive about any other programs working.


      I'm fully convinced there is no actual way of making a Table of Contents for Nook books, that the B&N powers-that-be are pulling everyone's leg.  Perhaps Nook is trying to send the message that they don't want indie books on their site, and that's fine, I'll give my business to Amazon. 


      But, seriously, does anyone know a way to make interactive TOCs that actually, truly, really, finally does work?!