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    "The Bed's Edge Exercise Handbook" for the Disabled and/or Obese

      With over 40 million Americans now reported to be disabled, there are thousands whose physical limitations have forced them to live a mostly sedentary lifestyle.In July of 2004, I was diagnosed withmultiple inoperable and incurable conditions that left me permanently disabled.It was then I realized that if I was ever going to maintain control over my weight and enjoy some measure of continued independence, I would have to come up with a regular exercise routine that would burn calories and tone muscle without the necessity of standing.I have written “The Bed’s Edge Exercise Handbook” for those who like myself, are still able to do some things on their own, but are fearful that if something doesn’t change, they may soon become totally dependent on others.I am neither a fitness instructor nor a licensed therapist. My only qualifications are that I have lived the experience and found what works for me. I only hope you will find that these exercises work for you also.

      The Bed's Edge Exercise Handbook