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      Wifey and I both love long series'. We both have nooks (one N and one NC) and are reading series right now. She is reading Cathrine Coulter's FBI series and I am reading Tony Hillerman's Jim Chee series.


      Any other series fans, and suggestions for complete series in Nookbooks?

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          There is an excellent 7 book series out there called "Outlander" by Diana Gabledon.  An 8th book is suppose to be released in 2012.  Each book is approximately 1200 pages so they are long reads.  But every book is awesome!  I strongly recommend this series!

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            I love the Tony Hillerman series too!


            Since you both like crime mysteries, check out the Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon and the Adam Dalgliesh series by PD James:





            Drawing Conclusions (Guido Brunetti Series #20) 













            Have you already read the classic Hercule Poirot mystery series by Agatha Christie?

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              You might also check out fictfact.com  -- there you can select a genre and they'll provide a list of series within the genre, with a chronological list of all the books in each series.  You can set up your own lists and track the books you've read.  They will also e-mail you when a new book is published in any of the series you're following.  Sure helps me keep track of where I am in the series and what to look for next at the library.