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    Nook Color MAGAZINE/Picture book/Comic book (non ePub) Publication Formats

      So ive created a comic book. Each page is an image (there is no real text).


      If you try to create an epub out of a picture book, you get this thick white border around the "page" (picture file) and the picture is shrunk down in the middle.


      However, I noticed on the NOOK COLOR that magazines and picture books open differently than epub books.


      HOW DO WE SUBMIT MAGAZINES, COMICS AND PICTURE BOOKS FOR THE NOOK COLOR??? There is NO help on the formating guide (it only talks about epub as though thats the only form of digital publishing anyone else wants to produce) and every time i ask this question to bn@pubit.com i get this canned response "we dont offer assistance with formatting" as though I dont know how to format an epub...


      I DONT WANT TO FORMAT AN EPUB,,, I just need information on what format their Magazines and picture books are in or how to submit that for digital publishing for the Nook Color!