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      Can we start a thread on MARKETING our books.  What are some of the best ways to market our books?






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          I have several ideas on my blog:




          It's not complete (I have more tips), but it's a start. I just need to get the rest edited & posted.




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            I will be publishing my novel soon (waiting on some reviews first).

            I, too, am interested in marketing ideas.

            My family requested (you can always count on family,lol) a signature. So that got me to wondering. Since I don't have a book in print and only an eBook, how can you have a "book signing"?

            Perhaps you can have book marks with your cover on one side and info on the other. Tacky?


            Marketing idea?

            ** Billboards! There's virtually no competition for that. A little expensive but hey, EVERYONE can see it!


            Just a few thoughts



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              @ Novelimagination:


              Your idea of stickers reminded me of books at B&N with author's signatures who couldn't do book signings at a specific store.  B&N sent them a bunch of labels for them to sign and send back.  I think that's how I got Eric Idle's sig for The Road to Mars.

              novelimagination wrote:


              I will be publishing my novel soon (waiting on some reviews first).

              I, too, am interested in marketing ideas.

              My family requested (you can always count on family,lol) a signature. So that got me to wondering. Since I don't have a book in print and only an eBook, how can you have a "book signing"?

              Perhaps you can have book marks with your cover on one side and info on the other. Tacky?



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                Hmm, interesting. I'd never heard of that.

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                  Several of my friends want to "gift" my ebook to others for the holidays.  Any ideas on how that can be accomplished?  My book is "Phunny." http://tinyurl.com/23vcb53


                  Thank you~!

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                    You can now "sign" an eBook! Check out this New York Times article for details.





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                      This may sound simplistic, but what I have found works best for book marketing (any marketing, really) is to know who your target audience is and then go where they are. The way you approach them, although  important, is really secondary to ensuring that you are communicating with the right person.


                      Hope this helps! I love marketing!


                      Rachel Simeone
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                        This is basically a copy of another post I did awhile back, but . . .


                        Here are a few ideas that I have tried with my books:

                        - I have submitted information on my books to my college alumni association for the alumni newsletter.
                        - I just posted information on my books to my high school reunion blog.
                        - I selectively post information on my books on these boards on the threads for authors.
                        -I am a member of http://theindiespot.org/ which is a blog for independent authors and readers to interact.
                        - I have a GoodReads author page.
                        - My second book was featured at http://spaldings-racket.blogspot.com/ .
                        - I have 3 free short stories availble at B & N.

                            - Did this by publishing them at Smashwords and it is distributed to B & N and other sellers.
                        - At the end of my books, I included a bio, links to my other books from that seller, and a link to my author page for that seller. (got this idea from the Smashwords Style Guide)

                        - I take detailed critical reviews to heart to improve my writing skills.

                        - When my sales are high enough ($200 for one book), I want to investigating joining horror.org for horror authors.

                        Sales are still a bit slow, since I am still somewhat new, but I know many of these are helping or they will help at some point.

                        Good Luck!
                        John Gaffield

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                          Hello all,

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                          The bottom line is even above are good examples of marketing add copy is so important. When you right copy it needs to excite the reader into action .You must give them reasons why they will benifit if they make the purchase or scare them they will be left behind if they don't .This is Book marketing 101 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make you all apromise if I see a bunch of new sales on my books , mine personelly I will Give you all some more fantastic tips reply back what you think of my personel writing and with an email and I may even make your book my next project every thing i touch turns to gold. Good Luck to all of you with your books and keep reading your fellow authors work it makes the wheels turn and keeps us in toys for the children!