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    ATTN: PubIt! ADMINISTRATION -- Stolen Royalties!

      Sorry for using the strong "stolen" word, but I had to get your attention.



      My books have sold more than 300 copies through PubIt!


      Supposedly, it takes on average 60 days to receive royalty payments. 


      But... it is now April, and I have yet to receive a single dime Royalty Payment since December. 

      All emails, even sent to different BN departments, have been ignored:












      I called the main number, and it turns out, there is no Live phone support for the PubIt dept.


      Instead, I was simply given an automated support number. Following the instructions, I have even faxed them to notify them of this, but still... no response. 

      It's as if Barnes & Noble simply refuses to acknowledge their authors' existence.


      I love you BN, but as an author and publisher.., you have done nothing but broken your promises to me. Actually, it's more like you're profiting from our work and refusing to give us our dues.


      Isn't that stealing? My books are selling a handful every single day, accumulating sales. But I have no way of receiving my cut? 


      - Peter 



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