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    search by ISBN does not work; Goodreads links fail

      I provide a 13-digit ISBN for every book I publish through Pubit (and they pass the "Validate ISBN" check), but this ISBN information seems not to be used by BN for selling books. For my books, the ISBN is not displayed on the book's product page and search by ISBN does not work also. As a result, links to my books from Goodreads.com fail because they rely on the search by ISBN feature.


      Does anyone have their Pubit books searchable by ISBN on barnesandnoble.com ? 



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          Seems like an additional area where B&N can certainly improve the ability and ease of customers finding your book. No, our eBooks published via PubIt do not display ISBN 13 that we supplied. {Edited about 10 minutes after posting: eBook shows BN ID which is our 13 digit ISBN, and yes I can search on it in B&N. For a print version in product area a heart is called a heart, namely it is labeled as ISBN-13 followed by the number.  So now my answer is now yes.
          But a further question to B&N, why are you labeling it BN ID rather than what it is (ISBN-13)? Seems like you are intentionally making things more confusing for authors and customers. To the OP, I have no idea of whether Goodreads can link to our eBook on B&N. Sorry, but I can not take the time to re-write this whole post, which was accurate at the time of writing.}


          Print version can be searched by ISBN only if you enter the 13 numbers, but not preceded by ISBN or any other text which might be a natural thing to do.


          Your comment that GoodReads does search via ISBN is important information that I had not realized.


          Other threads here have indicated that B&N has several times had problems with its Keyword search and that they have had to "repair" what a programmer had done to that feature. I don't know whether search by ISBN is a victim of that problem or not.


          Would be nice for B&N to address two things:

          1) Why does product page NOT show ISBN for title submitted via PubIt that included ISBN-13?

          2) Is search by ISBN supposed to work? If yes, then please note that it is broken - when will this be fixed?

          If it was never "designed" to be a searched by ISBN, please address this deficiency so that customers might be better served.


          Thanks ...


          P.S. While off topic, I request that forum posts have a complete date on them. Knowing something is a "month ago" is far too imprecise. This might make sense for the general forums, but that lack of precision regarding a PubIt forum is not helpful. There are times that things change rapidly and having a clear idea of how current, or stale a post and information is becomes vital. What you are just the go-between a a B&N moderator, please pass on that there are many independent authors that are putting up with a lot of frustration, and that are providing valid feedback and helpful suggestions. We are invested in B&N making it in the eBook world. It does not seem that there is any quick and easy way to report, PubIt issues other than this forum. I don't want to see Amazon-Kindle crush B&N and it is in the control of the latter to improve its website performance.