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    Nook Color / Tablet Previewer

      Nook for PC uses the older format and will not preview a full-size book formatted for Nook Color/Tablet. I cannot read a recent Nook Kids ebook purchase. When will there be software for this?

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          Does the kid ebook have special features like read to me? Go to Nook Color board and ask them about it. I'm sorry you can't read the book. They may have a solution.
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              I've got a similar concern about the previewer. I am battling to set up a children's picture book and have gotten as far as setting it up in OpenOffice Writer, converting it to a .pdf, dragging it into a program to turn it into a .cbz file (comic book) in an attempt to get it to a 2 page display option, then running it through a .cbz to epub converter. It is still truncating the bottoms of the pages . . . BIG TIME . . . if I view it in the previewer. Whether the post PUBIT would be truncated on an actual NOOK, I don't know. I installed the pre PUBIT file on my Nook, and I'm getting close . . . but it wouldn't do the two page spread. Where do I find a program to convert from a .cbz to an epub that will size correctly (1 and 2 page) in a NOOK color. Or is there another way of doing this?