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    Table of Contents Question.

      Hi. I'm wondering about formatting in general and Table of Contents in particular. Are links to chapters pretty much a must? Sadly I'm not very familiar with Nook. Is it a real pain to jump to a certain page without a link? I wouldn't think so, but...


      Trying to get a good format going in Word. Wasn't too crazy about how the links looked on the page in preview. Would rather not have links, but if it's considered super-convenient, I guess I'll have to include them.


      Please share your thoughts.



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          You must have links to chapters but you do not need to create a TOC (in fact you should not have it at all).  When you create each chapter in MS, just start it with with Heading 1 Style.  BTW, you can modify the Heading 1 Style if you don't like the look.


          Doing this creates the link, when the eBook is completed, for readers to jump to each chapter.  It can be VERY frustrating to figure this all out.


          Good luck.